Open Letter to All Southern Blessings Customers:

On September 25, 2021, we will be closing Southern Blessings doors for the last time. We know that is not what many of you, especially our loyal customers, wanted to hear. Southern Blessings has been such a massive part of our lives for over seven years. We cannot begin to say how grateful we are to our loyal customers who continuously support us and have helped us grow into what Southern Blessings is today. The good news is, although Southern Blessings is closing its doors, we are not going out of business, and none of our employees are losing their jobs! However, we have to make some significant adjustments due to new opportunities that we have been working hard to accomplish. We are not ready to share all of those details just yet due to some pending contracts that are still in the process; however, keep an eye on your email as it will be the first place all updates are shared!

Here are a few specifics we need you to know now. If you have store credit or a gift card, do not worry! We honor all current Southern Blessings store credits and gift cards in our future endeavors. However, if you have in-store reward points, those will all expire after we close on the 25th, as we will not have any way to track that past that date. We also have a lot of inventory to move out in the next two weeks so we will have some major deals!! We will be sharing all of those details daily on our FB page, so keep an eye out there.

To our Consignors - If you have consignment in our Demopolis store and you are a "Return Consignor," we will contact you the week after the 25th to make arrangements to pick up any remaining pieces. If you have brought us consignment in the last week or so, we have held it in the back pending this announcement. The employees have been unable to share any information so unfortunately, the only thing we could do at the time was accept it. We will work with you though, and give you options!

Again, we appreciate ALL of you and can't wait to share more details!

Your Southern Blessings Family`