Best Price Guarantee

What is the Best Price Guarantee?
Our Best Price guarantee means that if you find an item of our cheaper ANYWHERE else, we will beat it!

What are the requirements for price matching?
The item must be the same including the brand name. We will even match sale prices, the only price we can't match are clearance prices.

How does price matching work in-store?
See one of our associates and let them know the item you want has a better price elsewhere and we will verify it there on the spot and make our price better at checkout.

How does price matching work online?
Contact us via phone, e-mail or chat and give us the link/store information of where it is cheaper and we will make the appropriate adjustments.

How often can I submit a price match claim?
As often as you find a better price on an item we carry! We strive to have the best price from the beginning, so when we don't we want to know!